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1st December 2014

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Welcome to the UNEP DTU
NAMA Pipeline Analysis and Database

The UNEP Risoe has changed name to UNEP DTU. This is because we have left the peninsular Risoe and moved into the UN-City in Copenhagen, and because we are still part of the Danish Technical University DTU.

The NAMA Pipeline Analysis and Database contains all submissions to the UNFCCC from developing countries and countries in transition for Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions. It also contains submissions from developed countries on finance for NAMAs.

The columns and the variables used to describe each NAMA will change over time as more NAMA are submitted, like it happened for the CDMPipeline. We welcome and would be thankful for all inputs provided by stakeholders and market participants to improve the level of information.

The UNFCCC NAMA Registry can be accessed by the public at the webpage:

Four new NAMAs were submitted in November:

"Transforming construction in Mongolia using Supplementary Cementitious Materials",

"Bio-energy generation and greenhouse-gases mitigation though organic-waste utilization" in Pakistan,

"Integrated improvement of Road-based Freight sector in Colombia", and

"Reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Emissions in Pig Farms in the Dominican Republic".

Two organisations have offered support for NAMAs:

(Technological support & capacity building support are not yet visible in the UNFCCC NAMA Registry).

"Spanish NAMA Platform" offered support for "High Integration Program of Wind Energy" in Uruguay (zero financial support)

JICA's "ODA for Climate Change Measures" has now offered 0 MUS$ in financial support to the NAMAs NS-32 and NS-33 in Serbia.

This information is used as input to our NAMAPipeline, which now contains 67 NAMAs (including 1 NAMA that was withdrawn) and 14 support programmes.

We had added table in the "Analysis" sheet showing Support offered. The total support offered is now 73 MUS$, and the requested financial support is 5239 MUS$.

Best regards

Joergen Fenhann
UNEP DTU Partnership

Danish Technical University

UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 40 20 27 89


If you have comments or questions please contact:

Joergen Fenhann
  +45 40 20 27 89


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